Dealing With Your Future

Dealing with your future

Wills & Powers of Attorney Ayrshire


Whatever the size of your estate it is reasonable that you should make sure that your affairs are in order when you die out of respect for those who you leave behind.  Making a Will dealing with your affairs can be very simple and inexpensive matter and we are able to provide advice and help in this area.

Powers of Attorney

If tragically you lose your mental capacity for any reason (for example as a result of a stroke, or the onset of dementia) the law regards you as unable to take care of your interests personally and you have the need for this to be done for you.  This is achieved by you granting a document called a ‘Power of Attorney’ while you have legal capacity.  This is usually in favour of a close relative, who will be your representative and ‘champion’ against ‘the system’ should that ever be required.  The Power of Attorney also can be used for routine matters such as dealing with your bank and utility companies as a convenience while you have legal capacity.

The process of creating a Power of Attorney is rather more complicated than making a Will, but it is now generally regarded as essential for an individual’s reasonable protection towards the end of their life.

We are able to give all necessary legal advice and help that you require to create a Power of Attorney.

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